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That Darn Cat! is the theme song for the 1965 Disney film, That Darn Cat!.


While the city sleeps, ev'ry night he creeps Just surveyin' his domain He roams around like he owns the town He's the King, he makes that plain

He knows ev'ry trick, doesn't miss a lick When it comes to keepin' track Some city slicker, no one is quicker than That darn cat

Ev'ry nook and cranny and garbage canny He inspects so thoroughly When he's on his rounds, nothin's out of bounds To his curiosity

He can smile and purr at a pretty her Till she don't know where she's at Nose like a diner, oh, what a tiger is That darn cat

He's a sly old codger, an artful dodger A scrounger unsurpassed A ball of fire, a nine live wire Who just can't be outclassed

Yeah, this midnight rover, he lives in clover It's an art he's got down pat Never was a greater smooth operator than That ummmmm darn, that darn cat That darn cat That darn cat Ummmmm-ummmmmm That darn cat Ummm-ummm-ummm-ummm-ummm-ummm That darn cat


Now our cat's been paid ev'ry accolade And he's earned all his acclaim In a blaze of glory, he ends our story In the Feline Hall of Fame

But the way life goes, in a year who knows, From the fam'ly he begat You may wind up with one of, maybe the son of That darn cat

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