Rumbly in my Tumbly is a song sung in Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree.

Lyrics Edit

Mr. Narrator: And it went something like this

Pooh: Hum dum dee dum

I'm so rumbly in my tumbly

(hits head on branch)

Time to munch an early luncheon

Hum dee dum dum Oh I wouldn't climb this tree,

if a Pooh flew like a bee

But I wouldn't be a bear then,

So I guess I wouldn't care then 

I don't need a pot of honey

I'd be greatful for a platefull

I'm so rumbly in my tumbly

Time for something sweet

It's the tasteful thing to do

Be it 10 or 12 or 2

For anytime is food time

When you set your clock on Pooh time

You know that bears love honey

And I'm a Pooh bear

So I do care

And so I'll climb there 

I'm so rumbly in my tumbly

Time for something sweet

To eat. 

If only I hadn't- (Hits another branch) Ooh! If I mean what I had to do- (Hits another branch) Poof! How it all comes, I suppose...(Hits a small branch) Ow! From liking honey so much. (Picks leaf from a branch with two hands which sends him crashing to the gorse bush in the ground) Oh, Bother.

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