Practically Perfect" is a deleted song from Mary Poppins. It was to share the same tune as Sister Suffragette.

Practically Perfect

Lyrics Edit

Mary Poppins: By the time the wind has blown

The weather vane around

I’ll show you, if I can

No matter what the circumstance

For one thing I’m renown

My character is spit-spot spick and span

I’m practically perfect

In every way

Jane: Practically perfect?

Mary Poppins: So people say

Each virtue virtually knows no bound

Each trait is great and patently sound

I’m practically perfect from head to toe

If I had a fault it would never dare to show

I’m so practically perfect

In every way

Both prim and proper and never too stern

Well-educated yet willing to learn

I’m clean and honest, my manner refined

And I wear shoes of the sensible kind

I suffer no nonsense and whilst I remain

There’s nothing else I feel I need explain

I’m practically perfect in every way

Practically perfect, that’s my forte

Uncanny nannies are hard to find

Unique, yet meek, unspeakably kind

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