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Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland is a 1989 animated film directed by Masami Hata and William Hurtz with an Original Soundtrack by the Sherman Brothers as well as Thomas Chase and Stephen Rucker. The movie tells the tale of Nemo, a little boy who, at night, travels to a land of wonders called Slumberland and ruled by King Morpheus.


Nemo: Nemo is the protagonist of the story. He is a young boy whose age is not mentionned in the movie but can be guessed around the lines of ten. His best friend and partner is Icarus and together they enter Slumberland at the request of its King himself. Nemo is a mischievous child who loves cookies and having fun.

Nemo's Parents: Althought we don't know much about Nemo's parents nor see them much on screen, they seem like caring parents even thought Nemo's Father is busy with work.

Icarus: A flying squirrel wearing aviator sunglasses, Icarus is Nemo's only friend from the real world and he seems able to talk to some extend. Just like Nemo, Icarus loves food and fun and he seems really sensible to people making fun of his appearance.

Professor Genius: The Professor is the first character from Slumberland Nemo gets to meet. He was sent by King Morpheus to bring Nemo to Slumberland as a playtime friend for the Princess. The Professor is a very intelligent yet anxious and somewhat clumsy character and he wears a big top hat and glasses.

Princess Camille: The deuteragonist of the movie as well as Slumberland's Princess. She is a kind and caring girl even though she made fun of Icarus at first sight by calling him a rat and also made fun of Nemo's pajamas before apologizing and calling both of her new friends "cute". She looks like a well-mannered and responsible person and is seen playing the harp. Throughout the movie, she is Nemo's main love interest and even *SPOILER* kisses him at the end of the movie

Songs (By the Sherman Brothers)[]

Soundtrack (By Thomas Chase and Stephen Rucker)[]

  • Ouverture
  • First Dream
  • Circus Parade (+ Reprise)
  • Dirigible Ride
  • Flip's Theme
  • Coronation Procession
  • Hoedown
  • Off to Save the King
  • Battle of Nightmareland
  • Little Nemo is Alive