Snoopy song

Fundamental-Friend-Dependability is a song written by the Sherman Brothers for the film, Snoopy, Come Home. It's the only song sung by a character in the film.


I'm a sentimental gal.
I need a fundamental pal.
I'll depend on you.
You'll depend on me.
Speaking psychologically.
We'll both have
Fundamental friend dependability
Fundamental friend dependability
I'll have fun with you,
You'll have fun with me.
It's fundamental friend dependability.
(Spoken): Here, Rex! Here, Rex! Here! Heel, Rex! Heel! Heel, Rex! Heel!
(Spoken): First thing to do with you, Rex, is to bathe you. I hope you like baths, 'cause my doggy has to be real clean. Okay, Rex? Okay! In with you, Rex!
(Sung) Skipping hygienically,
We've got to wash away each flea.
I'll scrub you in the tub.
Oh, how squeaky-clean you'll be
Because of fundamental friend dependability.
I will disinfect your whole anatomy.
One you've got a chum
We'll scrub you till you're numb.
That's fundamental friend dependability.
(Spoken): Down, Rex! Heel, Rex! Heel! Rex, Rex! You naughty dog! Rex! Down boy! Bad dog! Heel, Rex. Heel.
(Spoken) I'm glad you like baths, Rex. I want you to be real clean so we can play dress-up. Down, Rex. Down, boy. Stay, Rex. Stay. I'm gonna close the door so you won't run away. Then we'll play dolls. Okay?
(Spoken) I always wanted a sheepdog. You stick with me, Rex.
Every little shaggy pup
Ought to get to gussy up.
I will pull the tea
Just for you and me.
Oh, how proper we will be
'Cause we've got
Fundamental friend dependability.
Fundamental friend dependability.
Fundamental friend dependa-
Fundamental friend dependa-
Fundamental friend dependability.