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"Admiral Boom" is a deleted song from Mary Poppins which was to be the theme song for the cannon-firing neighbor of the Banks Residence (to be sung by Reginald Owen and Don Barclay), but it was cut by Walt Disney himself because he felt it was unnecessary. The melody of the song remains in the film, however, and the bombastic theme is heard whenever Boom appears onscreen. One line from this song ("The whole world takes its time from Greenwich, but Greenwich, they say, takes its time from Admiral Boom!") is spoken by Bert early in the film.

Admiral Boom (Song).jpg


Who met Spain's Armada with daring and with skill,

And cut them up just like a mutton pie? (Sir Francis Drake!)

And who, when at Trafalgar, displayed unflinching will

And thereby did Napoleon in the eye? (Horatio Nelson!)

And who in the royal navy established that rigid time,

That firm and flexible interval known as tea?

(Admiral Boom!)

Yes, time has been my watchword; punctuality

Though the world takes its time from Greenwich,

Greenwich takes its time from me.

Spoken: After all, historically speaking, who put the time in "maritime"?


Admiral Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom

The name for punctuality you may safely assume

Safely assume, sume, sume, sume, sume, sume, sume

Is known throughout the Admiralty...

It's me! (Aye, sir!)

Oh yes, It is I, Admiral Boom.